There are many ways to support our efforts this year to assist needy children with cancer and their families. Sponsorships and donations from local businesses, organizations and individuals are, of course, vital and are tax deductible. Sponsorship opportunities are listed below.

If you are unable to commit to a sponsorship or donation, there are other ways to participate that would be extremely valuable.  You or your business may provide services or products to help defray the cost of the event. You could also assist in seeking sponsors, donors or participants. The 5K 4Kids is a great way to get your family, your friends and/or your business involved in a fun event and support a very worthy cause.

For more information, please contact Joseph Van de Bogart at josephvandebogart@gmail.com

**In kind Contributions** Donations are encouraged for goods and services deemed essential to the success of this event. Benefits of sponsorship with be determined based upon value of donation and will correlate with sponsorship packages of similar value.


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